Find Your VSO

Every town or district in Massachusetts has a Veterans’ Service Officer (VSO). VSOs must assist veterans and their dependents in learning about, applying for, and receiving Chapter 115 benefits. VSOs can also help you in applying for other benefits and connecting with local resources.

We are working to make sure all eligible veterans and their dependents get the benefits they need at this time. Your answers to this quick survey about your experience applying for Chapter 115 will help us.

If you have any problems contacting your VSO, submitting an application for Chapter 115 benefits, or receiving your benefits, you should contact DVS directly to seek assistance with your application. DVS can be reached at:
Phone: 617-210-5480
Fax: 617-210-5755
Mail: 600 Washington Street, 7th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

Massachusetts provides cash assistance to eligible veterans, as well as their dependents and survivors, under a program called Chapter 115.

find out if you may be eligible for chapter 115 benefits

The Chapter 115 program offers monthly financial assistance to low-income veterans and their families, as well as one-time emergency funds. Veterans can help determine if they are eligible by using our online calculator.